Clark Samsung  [2006-09]   Spare parts catalog and service manual for Samsung (Clark) forklifts.


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Spare parts catalog CEP15/CEP18, FX153/FX158B
Spare parts catalog CEP20/CEP25, FX203/FX253B
Spare parts catalog FX15/FX18/FX18L, SF15/SF18/SF18/SF20sL
Spare parts catalog FX203/FX253/FX303D, SF20/SF25/SF30D
Spare parts catalog FX20/FX25/FX30L, SF20/SF25/SF30L
Spare parts catalog FX353/FX403/FX453D, SF35/SF40/SF45D
Spare parts catalog FX50/FX60/FX70D, SF50/SF60/SF70/75sD
Spare parts catalog TRUCK MODEL: CLARK CMP15-20s D, CLARK FX153-183D-2 - SERIAL NUMBER: CMP158D-158 & above-9595 KF

TRUCK MODEL: Clark CMP15-20s L, Clark FX15-18L-2 - SERIAL NUMBER: CMP158L-383 & above-9596 KF

CLARK service manual CMP 15/18/20/25/30, Engine 4TNE94-SF, Transmission TA18 & 12

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