Eaton ServiceRanger 3.2.3  [03-2012]  Diagnostic utility


Download price: $ 100.00

ServiceRanger version 3 is the next generation of PC diagnostics software specifically designed for today and tomorrows Roadranger automated products. Service Ranger 3 is not an update from ServiceRanger version 2.x, but rather a new software platform that is designed for today's advanced Roadranger automated products, including Hybrid Transmissions and the new VORAD VS-400 Collision Warning System

ServiceRanger is a PC-based service bay tool used to diagnose, configure, and update most Roadranger automated products including:


* Fuller® AutoShift® and UltraShift® Transmissions
* Eaton VORAD® Collision Warning Systems
* Dana Spicer® TIMS® (Tire Inflation & Monitor System)
* Eaton Hybrid Electric Transmissions 


Hardware Requirements
In order to successfully install and run ServiceRanger, your PC should meet the following minimum configuration:


IBM® PC compatible computer- Pentium III or equivalent
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP
128 Meg of RAM
800 x 600 screen resolution
CD-ROM drive
100 megabyte of free hard disk space
Internet Connection, 56K or higher (required for Internet Downloads and Updates)
Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater (required for InfoRanger)
RP-1210A Vehicle Communications Adapter 


Program activated level:

Development Engineer Super-User