JAC  [2007-11]  Spare parts catalog for china truck JAC


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We are honored to offer you this handbook in order to let you look for and buy the spare parts conveniently. Please pay more attention to the following items when you use this handbook.
This handbook is only used for the model of HFC1083KR1 (G109), Engine CA4DF2-13, Transmission LC6T46, HFC1061K2 (E0QZ-caS), Engine CY4102BZLQ, Transmission LC6T46, HFC1040K (D318), Engine CY4100Q, Transmission LC5T97, HFC1048K (Q500), HFC1040K (D805), HFC41B0KR1 (Y41B0 3), MPV and SRV
If your truck is not this model of JAC, please do not use this handbook in order to avoid unnecessary loss.
You should find the serial number of the part, then you will check the corresponding drawing number and the accurate name of the part in the handbook.
You would find the some differences during the course of your usage because of ceaseless improvement of the structure and performance of JAC products. Therefore we beg your pardon if you meet these problems.