AS4251C Asphalt Paver Specifications Caterpillar

2.1. Intended Use
3.1. Dimensions
4.1. Restrictions
5.2. Operating Temperature Range

Intended Use

A screed is an attachment to a paver. A paver is most commonly used for road construction. The asphalt screed is typically used in order to lay down asphalt. The asphalt screed provides the mat with the initial texture, the initial profile, and density. The screed uses a heating system in order to heat the screed to the temperature of the mix. The heating element prevents the asphalt from sticking to the screed plate.

The AS4251C Asphalt Screed can be used to pave over many applications. The screed is typically used in a wide range of applications such as roads, driveways, parking lots, city streets, state highways, interstates, and runways. The screed receives the mix from the feeder system that is located on the paver. The conveyors place the asphalt mix in front of the augers, which then distribute the mat evenly for the screed. The screed shapes the mix to specified dimensions while at the same time ensuring a high degree of flatness is obtained. In order to prevent the asphalt mix from sticking to the screed, the heating element heats the screed's base plate to the same temperature as the asphalt mix. Different designs can be used in order to satisfy each customer's requirements.


Table 1
AS4251C Asphalt Screed (1)    
3900 kg (8598 lb)    
Screed Width (2)    
2550 mm (100.4 inch)    
Screed's Maximum Width (3)    
5000 mm (196.85 inch)    
( 1 ) All specifications are approximate.
( 2 ) This dimension is measured with the screed in the CLOSED position. The screed is equipped with end gates.
( 3 ) This dimension is measured with the screed in the OPEN position. The screed is equipped with end gates.


  • Do not use the screed in an environment that contains explosive gas.

  • Only operate the screed when the proper tools and guards are installed.

  • The screed is not intended to be used for underground applications.

Operating Temperature Range

The standard screed's configuration is intended for use within an ambient temperature range of −40 °C (−40 °F) and 50 °C (122 °F). Special configurations are available for different ambient temperatures. Consult with your AVSpare dealer for additional information on special configurations for your screed.

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