773F and 775F Off-Highway Truck Radio Mount Caterpillar

Radio Mount
773F and 775F Off-Highway Truck [SEBU7794]
773F and 775F Off-Highway Truck Radio Mount
1.1. Entertainment Radio
2.1. Two-way Communication Radio

------ WARNING! ------

Structural damage, an overturn, modification, alteration, or improper repair can impair this structure's protection capability thereby voiding this certification. Do not weld on or drill holes in the structure. This will void the certification. Consult a AVSpare dealer to determine this structure's limitations without voiding its certification.

Any modifications to the inside of the operator station should not project into the operator space.

Entertainment Radio

The mounting location (1) for the entertainment radio is prewired with a radio system harness (12V) and coaxial cable. The cab is also factory installed with a speaker system and an antenna. Consult your AVSpare dealer for a selection of AVSpare entertainment radios that are available for your machine.

Illustration 1g02156098
Right front inside of cab

Two-way Communication Radio

Illustration 2g01390433
Rear inside of cab

Mounting location (2) and 12V power supply (3) are suitable for a two-way radio. The threaded bosses that are used for the mounting location are located behind the headliner. The power supply is protected by the "Communications Radio" fuse. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Fuses - Replace" for additional fuse information. Consult your AVSpare dealer for mounting instructions and wiring instructions for your specific application.