NO. 16 MOTOR GRADER Operator's Compartment Caterpillar

Operator's Compartment
1.1. Circuit Breakers and Fuses
2.2. Manual Circuit Breaker
3.2. Fuses
4.2. Automatic Reset Circuit Breaker

Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Manual Circuit Breaker Reset Button

Fuse Box

1. Fuses

2. Automatic Reset Circuit Breaker

Manual Circuit Breaker

1. If this circuit breaker opens, reset by pushing reset button.
2. Frequent opening of the circuit breaker indicates a problem in an electrical circuit connected to it. Make necessary corrections as soon as possible to avoid more serious problems.


1. If a fuse burns out, replace with one of the same capacity.
2. If a replacement fuse burns out in a short period of time, this is an indication of a problem in a circuit. Make correction as soon as possible.

Automatic Reset Circuit Breaker

1. If the automatic reset circuit breaker opens frequently, this indicates a problem in a circuit. Make correction as soon as possible.

Allow only qualified service people to work on the electrical system.

If electrical problems continue, consult your AVSpare dealer.


Do not "jumper" or by-pass a circuit breaker or fuse. This can result in serious damage to electrical components.